It has been nine years since Oscar Benton said a final farewell to his musical career. In 2018, the 'white blues king' made his comeback with a brand new album named I Am Back. Followed by a live album on cd and dvd celebrating Oscar's 50th anniversary on stage. The release of his latest album 'Mirrors Don't Lie' shows that Oscar Benton together with Johnny Laporte grabbed the opportunity to record an album out of his comfort zone. 'Mirrors Don't Lie' is not a predictable blues trip but a retrospective on Oscar's life.



With 'Mirrors Don't Lie' Johnny Laporte releases an album for which he wrote each and every song. Being a Barrelhouse member for over fourty years, this album is proof of Johnny's writers skills and personal ideas.

With Oscar Bentons life in the back of his mind 'Mirrors Don't Lie' enters a new chapter in both their recording careers. Surrounded by musicians and friends the outcome is a surprising mix of different styles, leading Oscar out of his comfort zone. But the way Oscar embraced the new songs gives proof he feels comfortable enough to face the challenge Johnny Laporte offered him.

Feel free to download the lyrics of the album 'Mirrors Don't Lie'.



Fifty years from stage to stage, from blues singer to a life filled with blues. Listen carefully to the lyrics of Bensonhurst Blues, the way Oscar brings the words to live and turned into a world hit, and you will hear a song that in just a few verses expresses the spiritual heartache of denying your roots and trying to adapt to a strange culture that will never be your own.

He pays his respect to the old masters by never serving up just a dull predictable copy of their originals. And through all those years he's helped the musicians who played and still play alongside with him in the Oscar Benton Bluesband make their own musical and personal breakthroughs.

Oscar's musical career has been a roller coaster ride, unparalleled highs offset by moments of necessary compromise. But it was the ride that gave Oscar the strength to carry on, something you will experience through this album of his life's work.

The power of Oscar Benton lies in the simple fact that his unique way of playing and singing blues music has evolved over half a century, years of gradually shifting through the gears from interpretation to experience. So please enjoy the ride.

Neal Vaughan



The idea behind 'I Am Back' came as a surprise as Johnny Laporte reveals: "It's early February 2016 when Oscar is throwing his birthday party. People are talking, drinking and music is being made. Suddenly Oscar stands up and sings this beautiful version of Sinatra's My Way. I am speechless. Everybody is speechless and surprised he is still able to do this.

After this party, I visited Oscar every week. We transformed a room in his nursery home into a studio where we recorded songs. Before we new it we recorded a full album together. It was amazing!"

The fire in Oscar Benton's heart was still alive and on his album 'I Am Back' he showed that he was not ready to retire.
If you want to download the lyrics of the album, you're welcome!

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